According to a recent survey, the top five things married people secretly spend money on are clothes, gambling, unhealthy food, adult entertainment, and cigarettes. A recent survey found 23% of married women and 20% of married men secretly buy things without telling their spouse.  So women are slightly more likely to do it.  But men spend WAY more.

The average married woman spends just over $1,000 a year on secret purchases, compared to $3,300 a year for guys . . . so more than THREE TIMES as much.  Here are the top five things we secretly spend money on . . .

1.  Clothes.  Especially for women.  They're twice as likely as men to buy clothes without fessing up.

2.  Gambling, including lottery tickets.  It's one of the top things MEN secretly spend money on.

3.  Food.  Especially things you feel guilty about eating.

4.  Adult entertainment.  It's another one guys spend money on.  Not surprisingly, there just aren't as many women out there paying for strippers and online porn.

5.  Cigarettes.  It's not clear if men or women do it more.

The survey also found 44% of people use cash when they make a secret purchase, so there won't be a record of it on their bank statement. I don't know if I really buy things secretly, though. I mean, I'm the one in charge of the finances, so I guess I have nothing to hide from.  Husbando probably does buy things secretly, he uses cash a lot more than I do.  I wonder what he's up to.....

Secretly yours,