It's always fun to see the lists that come out every year that detail the most popular baby names for boys and girls in the United States. But did you know that the Social Security Administration also breaks down popular baby names by state? Here are Missouri's Top Baby Names for 2017 (the most recent year for which data is available).

1 William Ι Olivia
2 Liam Ι Ava
3 Oliver Ι Emma
4 Noah Ι Amelia
5 Elijah Ι Harper
6 James Ι Charlotte
7 Henry Ι Sophia
8 Mason Ι Isabella
9 Jackson Ι Evelyn
10 Lucas Ι Lillian
11 Logan Ι Avery
12 Wyatt Ι Eleanor
13 Carter Ι Abigail
14 Lincoln Ι Nora
15 Samuel Ι Mia
16 Benjamin Ι Zoey
17 Owen Ι Elizabeth
18 Alexander Ι Paisley
19 Grayson Ι Ella
20 Michael Ι Addison
21 Hunter Ι Chloe
22 Charles Ι Madison
23 Gabriel Ι Grace
24 Joseph Ι Scarlett
25 Levi Ι Ellie

For comparison, the Top 5 baby names nationally are:

1 Liam Ι Emma
2 Noah Ι Olivia
3 William Ι Ava
4 James Ι Isabella
5 Logan Ι Sophia

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