It's amazing we all go out to eat 13 times a week, considering we HATE it so much.  A new survey asked people for their biggest complaints about restaurants, and we nitpick EVERYTHING.  

I mean, not to say that complaints aren't necessary sometimes.  I know at least here locally, a lot of our restaurants try their best and often have great results.  For me, if something's dirty, I can't take that.  You can't see inside the kitchen at most restaurants, but here are four signs it might not be clean:  The outside of the restaurant is filthy . . . the bathrooms are dirty . . . the servers touch money and serve food without washing their hands . . . and they use the same dirty rag to clean tables, menus, and condiments.

So here's some of the complaints from the survey:

1.  Dirty utensils or a dirty table . . . that was a complaint for 76% of us.

2.  Dirty bathrooms, 73%.

3.  Rude or condescending servers, 72%.

4.  Servers with poor hygiene or a sloppy look, 67%.

5.  Meals served at the wrong temperature, 66%.

6.  Being served something you didn't order, 62%.

7.  Feeling rushed to finish or leave by the server, 61%.

8.  The server taking away your plate before you finish, 59%.

9.  Food that doesn't look or taste as good as it's described in the menu, 54%.

10.  Slow service, 51%.

A few things that finished just outside of the top 10 are tables that are too close together, not enough nutritional info available, too much nutritional info available, and automatic gratuities. I do agree with most of those.  But I don't experience them a lot.  I could never be a server or a waiter.  I'd forget everything and drop half of it while somehow making everyone extremely angry with me.  I'd never get tips.  Luckily for me, I have a job.

Waitingly yours,