I went to college in Warrensburg, back when it was CMSU. Still have the sweatshirt to prove it.  And a very expensive piece of paper on my wall.  My first year there I lived in the dorms of Houts Hosey.  We were on the top floor and our building was right next to the Yeater Hall.  I had a few friends who lived there, and sometimes you'd hear a story.

A quick history: Laura Yeater was a teacher at UCM in the early part of the 20th century. She wanted there to be a place on campus for female students to live, so she put her butt kicking shoes on and got the funding to get it done.  She was the "house mother" for several years in the hall.  From what I can gather, it sounds like a chaperone type of position.

Now, the third floor of Yeater Hall is closed to everyone but staff.  They say it's because there aren't enough residents, and the electricity is spotty.  Some of the students might have different reasons.

I know that kids who are off for the first time away from home can get excitable. And I've always been a pessimist. But I knew a girl who lived in Yeater who SWORE it was haunted.  She lived there in the early 2000's, after the third floor had been shut down. She said she'd heard people walking around up on the third floor,  and she'd seen several lights on up in the third floor. She also said she saw a woman's face looking out of a window on the third floor.  Her boyfriend was also a believer, he said that he'd been scratched a couple of times when he was visiting her.  Someone told him it was Laura trying to get the boys out of the girl's dorm.

I was a casual aquaintance of one of the janitorial staff there, and she told me that the place was definitely haunted, and that light switches don't move themselves. She said there were two rooms that were definitely haunted, and that the school didn't want to scare the kids with it.

One story I heard was that there was a mysterious suicide on that side of campus as  well.  The legend goes that another section of Houts Hosey was locked off because a girl had gotten pregnant and committed suicide there.  A dude I knew on another floor near that area said he saw shadows around his door, when noone was there.

Now they may have been trying to rile me up, sure.  And I admit, I'm pretty skeptical.  #shaniac.  But part of me WANTS to believe it.  I love the idea a ghost trying to turn on a light for some reason. And, I like the idea of an old lady looking after young girls in her dorm.  But really, I guess we'll never know for sure whether it's true or not.

Have you heard anything about hauntings on UCM's campus? In Warrensburg in general? Tell us all about them, so we can get the heebie jeebies.

Hauntingly yours,