Usually a business will have a grand opening as soon as a place opens.  However, The Station on State in Knob Noster waited six months to hold their grand opening. Owners Bart and Lori Amsbaugh thought it would be good to get their restaurant up and running and concentrate on establishing themselves and training their staff.  The official grand opening was held on Saturday, September 15.

I have to say, I was impressed with what they have done in six months.  They are located on State and Railroad in Knob Noster.  I felt right at home since I lived in Knob Noster from 1985-2001 and I always love giving back to the community that really helped make me who I am today.  Bart and Lori are the same way, as they graduated from Knob Noster in 1983 and 1984 respectfully and moved away, before deciding it was time to come back to their roots.

That is even reflected on their menu as it says

Welcome to The Station! When we made the decision to open this restaurant it was with one goal in mind; to provide a service to our community. Our home town has a unique history and equally unique townspeople. From life-long residents who have contributed to its growth and charm, to our military servicemen and women who honor us and our country by serving abroad yet calling Knob Noster their home, and families that have simply chosen to live the honest and simple lifestyle that our town embraces. We welcome each of you to our restaurant and pledge to offer you fresh food, a family-friendly atmosphere and dishes we hope will become your favorites. We look forward to serving and getting to know you!

Saturday was the first time I went to eat at the Station on State, and you are greeted at the door by the staff.  I had the luxury of being there before the normal dinner hours, but the waitress greeted me with a smile and a hello.   I have a weakness at restaurants: I have always loved Philly Cheesteaks, so it called my name on the first look of the menu.  Miss Avery took my order and told me that the Philly was a great choice, and my tastebuds agreed.  She then recommended a dessert, which was cheesecake.  That sounded great and I immediately went for it.  Didn't regret it, very good.

I have heard about the Station on State as a place for breakfast and lunch. My dad has spoken highly of the peach waffles they have and others say lunch you need the Station burger, which is 1/3 pound burger with bacon, cheese and a special spicy mayo.  Their menu does have a nice variety.

Since this was a grand opening, Bart and Lori told me they had great traffic all day from the Fall Festival that the Knob Noster Chamber of Commerce put on next door.  There was also a car show put together in the parking lot along Railroad Road.  There were many who brought their cars out, from old Chevy Bel-Airs to Chrysler Challengers to Corvettes to Dodge Vipers to people who just wanted to show off the work they did to their car or truck. They all seemed to have a great time and may make it a monthly car cruise location.

I wish Bart and Lori the best of luck in their venture in Knob Noster.  I had a great time being there and hope to come back soon.