We're getting ready for my 6th Missouri State Fair.  I'm looking forward to many things.  Corn dogs, Missouri Beef House cheeseburgers, a pork chop dinner at the Pork Palace, fresh squeezed lemonade and the live entertainment throughout the fairgrounds. I'm NOT looking forward to the traffic.

First we have all of the normal traffic.  Limit and 16th streets are busy during routine days.  Then we can add in the "lake traffic" during the summer.  Southbound 65 on Fridays and Northbound 65 on Sundays are enough to make one cuss out loud.  THEN comes the State Fair.

Gates are open around the fairgrounds for parking and camping.  People are pulling trailers for their exhibits.  Fairgoers trying to enter or exit.  The traffic on Limit, 16th and Clarendon backs up.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol does a good job of keeping it going, but you still aren't going to get anywhere fast.

There are a few tricks for dealing with it.  Learn alternate routes so you can avoid it if you aren't going to the fair or anywhere immediately adjacent.  Use Clinton, Grand and 50 to the East.  Coming West on 20th also works to get to businesses near that intersection.

No matter how you slice it, from August 9 to August 19, the traffic is going to be a bit of an inconvenience.  Make sure you have plenty of time to reach your destination, have enough gas to make it through a delay and, most importantly, go to the bathroom before you leave.

Have fun at the fair!  We'll see you around the fairgrounds.