Our Kansas City Chiefs are now 2-3 on the season.  They are last in their division.  Their potent offense is still putting points on the board.  Still gaining about 7 yards per play.  But the defense is GIVING up more than 7 yards per play.  Almost 33pts per game.  And only 8 teams have made the playoffs the year after losing the Super Bowl.

This could be a tough season, and this team could be in trouble.

We have seen plenty of examples of teams that have a great defense, defeat a team with a potentially unstoppable offense.  Last year is a perfect example, although many injuries on the offensive line before the big game did play a factor.  The Bucs defeated the Chiefs last year, and when the Pats defeated the Rams "Greatest Show On Turf" it was a shock.  Think about some of the best defenses of all time.  '85 Bears.  '01 Ravens.  '02 Bucs.  Each team was able to stop the teams in front of them from scoring too many points.

This Chiefs team...well they need some improvement on defense.  Big time.  If this team is to be the dynasty that so many think they could be, they better stop the teams from running over 141 yards against them.  From passing for over 296 yards per game against them.

They have had a brutal schedule to start the season.  They had to face the Browns, Ravens, Chargers, Eagles and Bills.  Their schedule does get much easier the rest of the way.  And with Andy Reid as the HC, you have to believe they can turn things around.  But this is not a defense that is playoff worthy, and certainly not Super Bowl caliber.   I think this team could miss the playoffs.

What do you think? Is this team in trouble? Think they still make the playoffs? If so, how far do they advance?  I am worried.  And hopefully the team is too, and will make the adjustment needed so we can see Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs once again.

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