A year ago I remember sitting at my desk with the Sedalia landlord list trying to find a place to rent. It was overwhelming. By the time Kathy and I had put together my apartment wish list I expected the perfect apartment could be a difficult find. Yet it wasn't what we wanted in an apartment that proved to be difficult to find. It was finding that place that would allow us to keep our dog that presented the biggest challenge. Simply put, most landlords aren't interested in accommodating pets.

My advice to any dog owner considering moving to the area who isn't going to buy their own house, think twice before pulling the trigger on that move. Or at least line up your dog friendly rental before committing to a job that puts you in the Sedalia / Warrensburg area. Harsh words I know. Especially for an area that I really enjoy living in.

I don't enjoy the fact that I'm paying way more in rent than I expected. $225 dollars more than I had hoped, and about $125 more than I budgeted. It's been a crunch. Unfortunately, there wasn't another option. I had committed to this job which I love. I had already told the land lord in Iowa we were leaving. And my company provided housing at the Best Western State Fair Inn was about done. I was out of time and considered myself lucky to find the great apartment we did. So I took it.

So here we are, about 60 days and two weeks from the end of my lease. Yeah, it's that time in the lease cycle where the land lord wants you to commit to another year or let them put the rental back on the market. I'm doing my due diligence looking to see if I can find a more budget friendly but nice apartment to live. And it's not going much better than last year.

I've found a few places. Anywhere from $75 to $150 dollars less rent per month. I found one place, practically across the street from our current home, for $75 less than we're paying now. With a garage. However, at all these more affordable places. Dogs aren't welcome.

You might find a pet friendly place if you're willing to pay higher rental prices. We did. And that doesn't include the monthly pet rent, and the pet deposit (sometimes non refundable) for the privilege of being allowed to have a dog.

Don't get me wrong, I'm used to shelling out for pet rent every month. And the very expensive pet deposits stopped making my eyes pop out of my head three apartments ago. It's the lack of rental options across the board for pet owners that one year later still surprises me. I've lived many places and in most of those places owning a dog hasn't been the rental budget buster it is here.

That's pretty much the story if you want to rent in Sedalia and Warrensburg. You can find nice places that are very affordable if you're willing to dump your pet. Kind of sad for towns that feature beautiful dog parks, and of course, the place where the phrase "man's best friend" originated.

Rob and his wife Kathy currently live in Warrensburg with their 60 lb. greyhound JJ. If you think you can help Rob out with a rental that includes 1 1/2 or 2 baths, central air, and is preferably on the 1st floor, that's available in June or July reach out to him. rob.creighton@townsquaremedia.com. 


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