We've been hyping this up for a while, because, frankly, we're excited. We're in radio, of course we're music nerds.  We love giving you chances to win free stuff, and if we can include the chance to meet some music legends... wow.  That's, like, the pinnacle.  And we always love the chance to get people to see live music!


Ignore my messy desk, please. I like to think it's "creative clutter" rather than just... where Post It notes go to die.  I know, I know, it's not in a hat, but those are the names of our finalists for the big giveaway today.  Sheryl, Vanessa, Brett, Kathy and Alan.

I've met the dudes from Foreigner once, and they were so nice.  I got to have a conversation with their bass player, Jeff, and he's the real deal.  So I'm totally stoked that one of you guys is going to get to come back and meet them.  I'm sure they're also completely excited to meet you, too.  I can't imagine that they would ever say no to the chance to meet someone that loves what they do.  After all, it's a lot of work over a lot of years, and to connect with someone who appreciates it must mean the world.

Anyway, I hope whoever wins picks up the phone! And I hope you're just as hyped as I am for this big Missouri State Fair event.

Fairingly yours,

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