Summer has unofficially arrived. It's here officially on Thursday, June 21. Summer is the favorite time of year for many, especially for kids that are out of school! If you're a Missouri native, how many of these things did you do in the summer when you were a kid?

Squished mud between your toes while wading in a river, lake, or pond.

Went outside and picked up worms after it rained.

Tried to see how much of your sunburn you could peel off in one strip.

Spent way too much money trying to win a goldfish at the carnival.

Begged your parents to take you to a tent to get fireworks.

Went on a trip to Branson, thinking it was just for old people, and didn't' want to admit that you actually had a lot of fun.

Walked past a roller coaster two or three times before you were brave enough to get on (the one that freaked me out was Batman: The Ride at Six Flags).

Wrecked your bike and tried not to cry.

Thought you were going to die when you got water up your nose.

Begged your parents to let you light your fireworks, after they gave in and took you to the fireworks tent.

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