Remember that game on Facebook several months back where you were supposed to post black-and-white photos each day, without providing any comments? Here's something kind of fun that is similar. Without explaining, list a few things you had never done until you moved to your current city. I've lived all over the place - the Midwest, the South, Appalachia - but there are actually quite a few things that I hadn't done until I got to west-central Missouri.

Until I moved to Sedalia, I had never...

...putted on a sand green.

...ordered dinner in a train car.

...seen an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

...shopped at a Kmart store closing sale.

...visited an Irish pub.

...called the FAA.

...had to snake a toilet.

...attended the Missouri State Fair.

...been shaved by a barber.

...viewed a solar eclipse.

What's on your list? What had you never done until you got to your current city?

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