I've lived in Sedalia for a couple of years. So far I've had a couple dinners in a train car, watched an eclipse, tried to figure out whodunit on the Liberty Center stage, and have walked about 150 miles through every section of the Missouri State Fairg. But there are a few basic things that I still haven't gotten around to.

Been the rodeo

The president of the NFPB (National Federation of Professional Bullriders) told us not long ago that Sedalia is "kind of become bullriding town America." I believe it. The city hosted the NFPB Finals in 2017, in addition to the annual back-to-back bullriding and pro rodeo weekends that have been going on for nearly thirty years. However, it seems like each time bullriding or rodeo comes around, I'm out of town, or something else comes up and I can't go. I like rodeo, but just haven't been able to make it to any of the Sedalia events.

Eaten a guberburger

This was probably more of a Wheel Inn Drive-In thing, and they've been closed for a while, but there are a few restaurants in town that still have this...specialty?...delicacy?...concoction on their menus. It probably isn't bad. Certainly not as bad as it sounds. But I haven't been brave enough to order one.

Watched a State Fair Concert

Hard to believe, isn't it? You would think that the radio guy would be at all of the shows. Usually I work the early morning shift at the State Fair, so by concert time I'm sweaty, stinky, and wore out! I've had tickets to a few of the concerts during the last couple fairs, but ended up wimping out and giving them away.

Gone out to the ballgame

This is another one of those things that for some reason has just not worked out. I like baseball, but still haven't had a chance to go to a Bombers game. Haven't made it to see SFCC basketball or UCM football, either.

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