It's time to celebrate another wonderful educator in  West Central Missouri. This week's teacher is actually a former teacher and current administrator.  That's something I've seen a lot of over the years, teachers that turn into principals or other jobs in administration.  It just shows their dedication to their profession and the kids themselves.  This week's nominee is Becky Eifert!


Her nominator was a former student of hers, named Marcus.

Mrs Eifert was my fifth grade teacher in Cole Camp. She was a very kind teacher and had a special way of teaching. She is one of the many teachers that go the extra mile for her students, and always has a kind word to say to anyone. She has never stopped learning to help her students and currently she is the Elementary School Principal in Lincoln, Missouri.

Congratulations to Principal Eifert. Your years of hard work and love of teaching really  made an impact on Marcus, and probably hundreds of other kids.

Teachingly yours,


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