Husbando and I have been married for a few  years now.  So all told I think we've been together for... seven years?

We get along pretty well on the whole, and don't really argue much about major things.  What we end up arguing over are little things, like - does he need to clean out his ears, or do I mumble?  Who has to cook dinner tonight, or more importantly, who has to DECIDE what we're having for dinner? I mean, it doesn't get into some all drag out war ner nothin, but it is a recurring little debate.

A new survey found the five things you do around the house that are most likely to cause major arguments . . . and possibly even lead to breaking up.

1.  Leaving dirty dishes in the sink and being too lazy to put them in the dishwasher.

2.  Leaving dirty clothes around instead of putting them in the laundry basket.

3.  Not doing the laundry.

4.  Not mowing the lawn.

5.  Arguing while you try to put together furniture from Ikea.

So what about you guys? Surely you've got some stupid stuff you guys argue about with your S.O. But I swear, I picked last night!

Bickeringly yours,