When I decided to take some time off late last week and early this week I was hoping for some sunshine and nice temperatures. There's just something nice about waking up to sunshine, pouring that first cup of coffee and enjoying the natural light streaming through the windows and coming into the living room. That didn't happen. And it doesn't look like we'll see the sun, or much of it for a few more days.

I was hoping to enjoy my morning coffee and an album in a sunny living room every morning. I was hoping to enjoy some beers and sunshine while watching the neighborhood come back home from work. I was hoping to be inspired by the sun to motor into Sedalia or Kansas City to do some record shopping.

But no, it rained. It was gray. Dreary. And wet. It was blecky outside. The kind of weather that the saps the motivation to do much of anything. And it's my bad luck this weather rolled in with my time off.

Yet, living in the Midwest, isn't it expected we'll get a stretch of weather like this every spring? I remember one stretch of April or May when I was a kid growing up where it seemed to rain for a month straight. I'm sure it was more like a week. But I was a paperboy, and delivering papers in the rain was a miserable experience.

So what did I do during my time off with all this gray weather? I cocooned. I watched a lot of Netflix, Hulu, and discovered a lot of great trashy movies you could watch for free on Tubi. I went down a rabbit hole listening to pop music from the 2000's and albums from my record collection. Perfected my grilled cheese recipe in our air fryer. And got up and enjoyed a big bowl of Lucky Charms every morning, just like when I was a kid.

Honestly, I can't say my time off would have played out much differently if the sun was out. Although I probably would have spent some time hanging out in the driveway watching the world go by. And a sunny living room would have improved my mood.

So when will the weather take a turn for the better? According to our friends at Weatherology, we get through today and the weather will be definitely be on the upswing. Clouds and scattered storms will be hanging around over the next couple of days, but the percentage of these storms will decrease each day. 50% on Thursday and 35% on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, mostly sunny with scattered storms.

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