This last week, I was out of town and nobody in the station decided to go through the station mail, while I was gone. Usually I'm sent mail about new music, events, public service announcements, but today (June 16), I opened up one that was rather odd. I opened the package and suddenly some soft tortilla shells are coming out of the package. I was thinking, this must be some new strange way to make sure the contents of the package were safe. Maybe it has replaced bubble wrap? Turns out, the tortilla shells were part of a promotion of Josh Grider's, "One Night Taco Stand." I don't think I'll be eating these shells, but thought it was clever to play on the taco stand. It's better than sending crunchy tacos in the package, that would be bad.

For the record, I thought the song was interesting too.

So, I'm curious have you ever received something strange in the mail? Tell us about it.

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