I believe that some lawmakers feel the need to inject their own personal feelings and try to push laws on us that doesn't really pertain to the average citizen. But hey...that's what makes America great...right?

But sometimes laws and ordinances get placed on the books and when you look at them, you shake your head and wonder why?

In Missouri, specifically Natchez, MO, there's one that only applies when the circus is in town. According to rd.com you can't provide a beer to a thirsty elephant. That's right...it's illegal to give beer to elephants.

Thinks that's weird? Try these...

  • In Nebraska, don't plan on ordering an alcoholic drink at a bar in the Cornhusker State unless the establishment has a kettle of soup cooking at the same time of your order.
  • Plans include traveling to Chi-town? Beware of this one...you can't eat at an eating establishment if it's on fire in Chicago. So, you better have your cell phone to call the fire department and the police if the place is going up in flames while you're trying to dine.
  • Heading to the Land of Enchantment? Las Cruces, New Mexico has a weird one on the books. You can't carry a lunchbox down Main Street. I know...weird, huh? The thought behind this one is that it deters from people dining at local eateries.
  • And last but not least...if you're heading to the Buckeyes State, don't buy a doughnut in Marion, Ohio and eat it walking backwards. That's a no no!

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