There's no shortage of advice about keeping our teeth and gums healthy for life. And part of that is occasionally opening our mouth and letting a professional poke around inside there to see if there's any problems. If it's been a while since you've had that done State Fair Community College can help.

I skipped the dentist for years because we moved around a-lot. And then it became a lot of years where I hadn't had my teeth looked at. And frankly, it was embarrassing. But after that first cleaning. And we got to work filling cavities and fixing my teeth. It became easier to smile. And more fun to eat.

So my advice, get the choppers looked at. And this is where State Fair Community College can help you. They have dental hygiene students that need patients.

First, The State Fair Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic in the Fred E. Davis Multipurpose center is offering free dental screenings This Thursday, February 25 and Thursday March 11.

Additionally students are also looking for qualifying patients willing to travel to Joplin for the clinical exam on Saturday April 17. In addition to being available on Saturday April 17, these patients should not have had a dental cleaning in the past three years.

Qualifying patients that agree to attend the exam in Joplin will receive up to $1,000 dollars worth of FREE dental care. And all travel expenses will be paid by the dental hygiene student.

If you  have questions about the free dental screenings or about the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 in dental work for free by traveling to Joplin for the clinical exam contact the State Fair Community College Dental Clinic at 660-596-7309.


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