I am not a green thumbed person.  I am often mildly amused at how I'm able to keep Steve alive without, you know, doing anything. Earlier this spring, I hired some dudes to come around to my house and get all the leaves and stuff out, and clear out some sticks and what not, you know.  So they did.  And after that, lo and behold, stuff came up!


Look at that! Actual Flowers!  And I had nothing to do with it!  They just came up.  I guess someone must have planted them in years past, because I sure don't remember planting anything that actually came up.

I tried to grow some herbs and stuff last year, and I got pretty much nothing but basil.  And we planted a good six or seven different things!  Maybe my yard just hates me.  That might explain why Steve does so well, he's never been in my yard.  Well, he hung out side for a bit one time, not technically in the yard but on the porch.  He didn't like that one bit. I thought he'd like the sun, but.. nah.   I'm pretty happy he was able to come back from that dark time.

Are you growing anything around your house? Are you going to plant anything?  Do you have any gardening tips for me?

Growingly yours,


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