As you know, I'm a huge music nerd.   So sometimes when I'm rawking out in the studios I wonder if I know the songs as well as I think I do.  The other day I was playing the song "Forget You" by Cee-Lo Green, and decided to look up the words. I thought I was right, but I had been singin' the wrong thing the entire time.

"I guess he's an expert and I'm more attorney...."

NOPE! THAT IS NOT CORRECT.  The actual lyric is this:

"I guess he's more an Xbox and I'm more Atari"...

I guess I was thinking about all those TV shows where the lawyer has to fight with the fake expert witness?  It seems like the bad guy in those shows always pulls out some expert witness that our lawyer character just can't get  past.  Who knows. I guess I thought that it wasn't gonna go to video game references, anyway.  Either way, I was a resident of Wrong City.  When I was a kid, I used to hear the Rolling Stones song "Beast of Burden", and thought the line was:

"I'll never eat... your pizza burnin'"

But on that one I kinda have to cut myself some slack. I was a kid, and who can understand Mick Jagger half the time, anyway!?  He was actually singing:

"I'll never be.... your beast of burden"

Which makes sense, I guess? Maybe he should have eaten a few more slices of pizza. Dude's pretty dang skinny.  I've also heard some funny ones about Country music, like this one from Little Big Town's "Pontoon":

"Back this b***ch up into the water..."

Now admittedly this one isn't one I heard, but someone asked me if that was the lyric once a while back. No, it's not - it's actually this:

"Back this HITCH up into the water.."

Yeah, it's about a boat, and the they're talking about the trailer hitch, etc. Besides, it's not like singers in country music to swear.

And there have been a few with my new musical obsession.

"They call me... Pepsiiii"

Yeah, no. They are not soft drinks. But it is a funny little joke that the fans like to share with each other.  The actual lyric is more on point.

"They call me.. Baepsae"

Which is whole 'nother thing, trust me.  Basically it's a bird, but... it's symbolic of the younger generations and it's an economic thing and I DIGRESS. You've heard all the famous misheard lyrics like the Jimi Hendrix lyric about kissing, I'm sure. What are some of your favorite misheard lyrics? What was a lyric you SWORE was right for years, but turned out to be wrong?


Lyrically yours,