You've had it happen. You look at the gas gauge and realize that you need to put some gas in your vehicle because it's getting closer to wrong side of the gauge. All of a sudden the low gas icon pops up on your dashboard. So how far can you really go before you come to a screeching halt?

If you have ever rolled into a gas station on fumes you know you thank your lucky stars and the good Lord above. So how many miles do you have left when you hit that mark that causes the low gas light to come on?

In a story on, a study was done on different vehicles to see just how far they can go once that nagging light warns you of low fuel. This report was performed on 2015 vehicles.

I'm going to throw in the results from three pickups that were tested. The three were the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram 150. When the low fuel light came on this was how much fuel was left in the tank:

Chevrolet Silverado-1/16th of a tank

Ford F-150-not available

Dodge Ram 150-3 gallons

According to the report on, here's how many miles you should be able to drive once the light fuel light comes on:

Chevrolet Silverado-35-80 miles

Ford F-150-25 miles

Dodge Ram 150-63-87 miles.

So surmising the results from this study on the aforementioned pickups, I'd say I wouldn't wait too long once that low fuel light is illuminated! Especially if you're in the Ford- F-150. That of course is common sense but unfortunately that is a fuel that we are sometimes a little low in our self!


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