Next year marks the 100th Anniversary of Smith-Cotton High School and in preparation for the school's centennial, they're looking for your pictures, memories, and maybe even some of your high school memorabilia.

I'm sure you have some items to share. My high school letterman's jacket is still in my closet. Mostly because I'm amazed I lettered in anything. I also have my yearbooks somewhere, although I suspect Smith-Cotton, along with most high schools have a copy of that. What about your photos? An old gym uniform. Old t-shirts. And of course your memories.

According to the Smith-Cotton High School Media Center Facebook Page, Smith-Cotton is looking for:

  • Snapshots of your memories as a Smith-Cotton Tiger.
  • Items with the Smith-Cotton name or logo.
  • Photos taken at school events from 1925 to the present.

Anyone who submits photos or items has a chance that those items or photos will be displayed and used in publications related to the school's centennial.

Smith-Cotton High School needs these pictures or items by January 1, 2024. You're welcome to drop photos or items off at the high school in the care of Dr. Blackburn Thierfelder/Smith-Cotton Library. You can also email photos to

You can mail items to the school, 2010 Tiger Pride, Sedalia, Missouri 65301.

While I didn't grow up here in Sedalia, I'm looking forward to celebrating Smith-Cotton's 100th anniversary and checking out all the photos and memorabilia that are part of the high school's history.

Mostly though, I'm hoping to hear some great stories about your high school years. From heading out to lunch at Griff's to hanging out at the smoking tree to all the fun you had in school.

What's great about it is, that I may not have grown up here, but some parts of the high school experience, like lifelong friends, that teacher that had an impact on you, and the youthful indiscretions we all participated in. Well, these things are universal.

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