While out walking J.J. yesterday evening a pickup came flying down our side street and came a little too close to J.J. and myself. It wasn't just that the pickup was a little too close for comfort. Or that J.J. has a propensity to sometimes jump and want to chase after cars and pickup trucks that was scary. It's how fast the truck was going.

It had to be going 35 -40 miles per hour. Too fast for a side street. It's not just the pickup truck dude either. Every couple of days I see someone come flying down the hill just barreling along the street seemingly without a care in the world.

It's easy to do. Especially when many of us who live in Warrensburg avoid Maguire like the plague. Avoiding Maguire means navigating side streets. And it's easy to zip along Gay, Market, Warren, Main or any other street to get you where you need to be. I've even found myself zipping along at too quick a speed for side streets. So I do get it. But it's worth slowing down.

On my side street alone I've seen kids and tweens riding their bikes. Several of my neighbors walking their dogs. Couples out on a stroll. And this isn't unique to my side street either. I've seen this type of thing on many side streets throughout town.

This doesn't even begin to address how some of the streets in town are more narrow than others, how streets narrow and widen block by block, and the fact that it can be difficult for two cars going in opposite directions to navigate around parked cars. 35-40 miles per hour is just too fast to navigate all of this safely.

Warrensburg's speed ordinance says, "no person shall operate any vehicle on any street within the city at a greater speed than twenty-five (25) miles per hour, unless signs are erected designating another speed." So slow down. No sign doesn't mean put the petal to the metal and hot dog it to your driveway.

The cool breeze I felt from the tuck about a foot from my dog and I was scary enough. And probably wouldn't have happened if the driver was going a little slower.



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