There are some traffic light problems in the area of Highway 50 and Maguire in Warrensburg.

Thursday morning about 8:00AM CDT was the first report of traffic light issues in the area by Johnson County Emergency Management Agency. And the Missouri Department of Transportation had the lights working again by about 9:30AM CDT according to Johnson County EMA.

Thursday evening about 8:00PM CDT the traffic lights in the same area started having issues again and they were fixed by about 9:30PM according to Johnson County Emergency Management Agency.

This morning on my way to the station I noticed four MoDOT trucks and employees looking at the boxes that control the traffic lights. And when I was traveling in the area everything seemed to be working well.

This afternoon, another report of a traffic light malfunction at Highway 50 and Maguire. Johnson County Emergency Management Agency says MoDOT has been notified and is dispatching a crew. According to Johnson County EMA the lights are having issues because a vehicle collided with a light.

The best thing you can do when traveling around Highway 50 and Maguire is to slow down. If you're on the off ramps from 50 expect to have to stop. If you're on Maguire pay attention to what's happening around you. At times it can get pretty busy with people heading towards downtown. People heading out to Walmart and Lowes. Folks turning on and off Highway 50 heading to other places. Stay alert, keep yourself out of a fender bender, and enjoy the sunshine.



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