If you've ever wanted to lose all your friends and become an OUTCAST, I can help you out.

Here are ten good ways to get started, In mY hUmBle oPiNion.  Basically, they all come down to being selfish and inconsiderate. Not that I've seen that lately from people.


1.  Wasting other people's time.  Also known as constantly being LATE.

2.  Ignoring people below you.  Whether it's because of your ability level, your job position, or something else.  If you only have time for people who can give you something . . . you suck.

3.  Asking for too many favors.

4.  Asking questions just so YOU can talk.  Like when you ask someone for their opinion about something, just so you can interrupt them and give YOUR opinion instead.

5.  Always being "on."  It's fine to be funny, witty, or the life of the party.   But if you NEVER dial it back, it's annoying.

6.  Seeing someone make fun of themselves, and assuming it gives YOU permission to make fun of them.

7.  Humblebragging.  That's when you say something that SOUNDS humble, but you're really just trying to show off.  Everybody sees through it, and everybody hates it.

So basically if you never want to speak to me again, do all of these things.

Irritatingly yours,