I admit, I didn't spend a lot of time on Cherry Tree Road as a kid or teenager.It's probably related to my lack of popularity.  I heard through other people it was a popular make out spot for teenagers.  You can guess why I wasn't there.  Anyway.

I was doing my usual Google for a look at what I might want to talk about, and since it's the spookiest time of the year, of course things turned ghosty.  I saw several reports of people saying that they had seen something odd or experienced something unexplained along Cherry Tree Road at night. To cut down on confusion, I've cleaned up this person's grammar and abbreviations, and I've edited it for brevity.

The apparition appeared in a ditch coming from west in a Ravine on Cherry Tree Lane. At first, seemed like a fog smoke slowly drifting from the west. But as it neared us, twenty yards or so out it was beginning to take a more solid shape and closed the remaining distance, making it quickly up to the ditch. This happened facing north on Cherry Tree Lane with the ditch sign on east side. The ''thing'' came from the west in what appeared to be a slight ravine. An older brother told me he was in this area one night partying when suddenly it seemed a cape was thrown over his van and he couldn't see and had to stop and it suddenly went away.

Thanks for reminding me, again, that the cool party kids were there and I was not.  ANYWAY.  That just sounds disturbing. A morphing smoke figure? A sudden darkness? I would probably get in an accident. Wait, maybe that's what happened?

A lady near Cherry Tree Lane was in a car accident and every night at midnight people claim there is a loud scream... They say it is the same woman who wrecked there years ago.

I guess it would make sense, if you're going to haunt something, it might as well be the place that killed you.  Maybe it's a warning to others?  That would be terrible, though, to be in a never ending loop, recreating the last moment of your life over and over again every night.

I can say I've walked that road late at night a few times, creepy. The darkness was almost pressing; you couldn't see your hand in front of your face 6 inches away and I would hear twigs snap and all sorts of things. There have been times... I'd swear I was stalked on those roads.

Another instance of a darkness... hmm. What could be causing this... dark fog? Is this something supernatural, or something in nature that we don't understand?

What do you think? Have you ever seen or heard anything out on Cherry Tree Lane?

Darkly yours,