The other day, I asked you guys what you thought would be a good use for the old Bing's East building. I think a lot of people agreed that it should be put to use, and do a little something to provide some services for people on the East side of town, and even Smithton and Otterville.

Some of you were very altruistic:

Homeless shelter. Sedalia does have homeless, and we don't have a shelter for them.



A REAL rec. center! You know; a place where kids can go play games and hang out so they don't get into trouble. Better than spending a bunch of money on yet another baseball field NO ONE ASKED FOR!


Family fun center that will employ homeless people and vets.

Some of you just wanted more dining options on that side of town. Names that were thrown out were things like McDonald's, White Castle,  Chuckie Cheese,  and Pizza Ranch.

Some people had a little fun with the idea....

Since Roadrunner Auto next door sold,  and is now Coyote Auto..... maybe it should become Acme lol

This one I had to google. At first, I thought they were confused or joking.

Walnut bowls.

It's a craft store! I had no idea.

There were a few people that were just longing for SOMETHING to go there.

We do need more things on this side of town.  A store would be nice.  There are so many that live over here that don't like driving across town for every thing.

Some people wanted a Bass Pro Shop or a restaurant like Dave and Busters, Chuckie Cheese or Olive Garden (amongst others), but some people just wanted a change.

Something we don't have in this town.

And someone agreed with me - that the building itself, if it can be - should be re-purposed instead of bulldozed.

I don't know what they should do with it, but I think they need to keep that beautiful mural on the inside front wall.

Most people, though, wanted another grocery store in it's spot.  Namely, Aldi and Hyvee, although there were a few other votes for Save A Lot, Trader Joe's, Kroger's, places like that.

Aldi would be great. I live in Smithton, and it takes a hour to get there.

But really, Sedalia seems to want another grocery store to replace the one we lost.

I really hope they make it into another grocery store. I worked there when I was eighteen, and have so many memories there. I'd hate to see it anything different.

And for one listener, it was REALLY personal.

I moved into my house (about 2 blocks away from the East Bings) and the only reason I moved there was the location of a grocer within walking it better be another grocery store, LOL!  I'm still not happy that Woods took my Bings...Anywhere else in the world that last line, probably, wouldn't make any sense.

So there you have it. Maybe the business gods will hear our cries and give us what we want? Here's hoping.

Grocerily yours,