In the summertime, parents and caretakers often encourage their young ones to get outside and play.  It is very important to keep them active and moving, but be sure to keep their minds active, too!  The Sedalia School districts are doing their Reading Camp right now, and if your child is enrolled, you can expect to hear a lot about reading this summer.

Here's the principal of Horace Mann, Todd Fraley, to give more details about the Reading Camp.

While enrollment for the Reading Camp is closed, if your child needs to get more reading under their belt, you can certainly use some of these tips to get them going.  After all, the best encouragement is parental.  If your child is in the Reading Camp, be sure to let us know how they're doing and what they like best about it!  Even if you're not enrolled, you can always let us know what your child likes about reading or what they've really enjoyed book wise this year.

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