I do not have a large apartment, so heating it isn't that difficult.  When I moved in, there had been a brand new wall unit heater/AC unit.  For the most part it does the job.  I tend to be cold, so a small space heater wouldn't be a bad investment.  Maybe just for the bathroom.  I recently went into a diner where they had a small one in their bathroom to make sure their patrons were a little warmer while using the facilities.

The Sedalia Fire Department is well aware that winter is here, and we may be getting some colder temperatures and people are wanting to secure some extra warmth for their houses or places of business.  According to the U.S Fire Administration, heating fires are the second leading cause of home fires.

Sedalia Fire Chief Matt Irwin said, "These are our coldest months and people are using space heaters, and they're using their stoves to heat their houses, and in a lot of our older homes in Sedalia the wiring isn't designed to carry space heaters or a multitude of space heaters.”

Now Matt is not opposed to the space heaters, as long as you keep an eye on them.  And try not to overload the circuits in your home or place of work. “If you're sitting in your living room or your bedroom and you've got a space heater going just to knock the chill off the room that's fine."  Just make sure you unplug it at night.  It is also using a lot of electricity.

Many people are also using their stoves to help with the heat in the home.  Irwin frowns upon that too.  The stove is for cooking food, heating up food and to cook on.  Stick to those uses and this may also prevent toxic fumes to entering your home.

Finally, make sure all of your smoke detectors are working properly, and have new batteries in them.  When I moved in, within a week, two of the three smoke detectors started to beep.  So I replaced the batteries, and I am good to go for the winter and if I have any fires, hopefully I will be safe.

Keep this info in mind as we go through January and February.  Stay safe, stay warm and if a space heater isn't an options, a few extra blankets or an electric one might be worth the investment.

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