I have been a fan of professional wrestling since 1987.  March 29th 1987 to be precise.  This was the date of WrestleMania 3.  This event took place in Pontiac Michigan at the Silverdome and it had over 90,000 people inside to see the main event of Hulk Hogan facing "The Eighth Wonder Of The World" Andre The Giant.  I watched the show and was so entertained, that I became a fan and have watched it ever since.

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Now for many wrestlers who want to turn pro, they have to work their way up from local independent organizations, learn their craft in front of smaller crowds and hopefully, if they are lucky, they will get a chance to work for WWE or AEW, which are the current big names in the industry.

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Our very own "Money" Mike Pettis has a side hustle as he is a member of New Breed Wrestling.  He is the manager of the current Tag Team champions Private Practice.  Seeing a local professional wrestling event is much different than seeing one live on television.  Seeing things up close, is a different feeling.  You may see moves that you won't see on television, and the wrestlers have a lot more freedom.  When I was younger, they used to call these non-televised events "House Shows".  Think of the event as one of those.

If you have kids who like to watch pro wrestling on TV, and often wonder how this guys get into the business, you might want to check out this local event on the 14th.  Not too expensive, should be about a two hour show and it promises to be a lot of fun.  I am going to check it out.  Hopefully Mike won't make me a part of the show, as I have not learned to take a proper bump yet.  :)  You can click on the Facebook post for more info on the show.

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