The Sedalia Area United Methodist Churches host Paper the Community, a paper goods drive. What is Paper the Community?  It's a huge drive to get all the kinds of items that regular, everyday people would need to be comfortable.  So many people in our area are fortunate enough (myself included) to not have to even think about how much we need these things.  We just take it for granted that they'll be there.   Not everybody has that luxury. There are so many folks out there just silently sitting next to us, needing help.   You can now contribute in an easy and convienient way.  I got to talk with Karen Hamilton of the Wesley United Methodist Church, who told me all about the drive, where you can donate, and who it'll help.

So when you're doing your shopping this weekend, just pick up a couple of extra things and drop em by.  The paper drive  will be held on Saturday, May 17. Collection sites are: Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Woods Supermarket, and the Dollar General on North Ohio.  Paper goods needed include:  bathroom tissue, paper towels, disposable diapers of all types and sizes, feminine products, and facial tissues.  Items will be distributed to those who need them through the Open Door Service Center.

Paperly yours,