Husbando and my Dad love the History Channel.  They've both taken to liking a new show called Project Blue Book. And in one of the most recent episodes, Sedalia was name checked! It was mispronounced, but still. Here's the official recap of the episode if you want to get the gist.

Project Blue Book was a real thing the government did to try to investigate UFOs.  Of course, this is a fictional TV show, but they take from real events and investigations for their stories.  In the show, the investigators are taken to WAFB and called to discover what's at the bottom of a sudden attack that's made the soldiers turn against each other.

They use the real first name of Whiteman Air Force Base, the "Sedalia Glider Base".  They also mention Pettis County, so someone did some research there.   They also refer to a "Camp Knoll" which I have to admit I don't know anything about.  Google wasn't very helpful. It might be a fake name to refer to a different camp?  I don't know. Maybe one of you guys know.  If you do, tell me about in the comments.

I won't ruin the plot for you, but it does take some fun twists as it goes along.  And I found out that the incident they're referring to as something really investigated.  Some American soldiers in Korea during the Cold War reported something very similar happening to them. So on the one hand I'm glad it didn't really happen here (hello, paranoia!), on the other hand I'm confused as to why they chose the Sedalia Glider Base for this story.  Maybe they were just trying to use real details?

What do you think? Do you think aliens are real? Do you think there's a government conspiracy? Or do you think it's all malarkey?

Glideringly yours,