If you haven't had an opportunity to saunter through downtown Sedalia for the sights and sounds of the Scott Joplin Festival, you still have the chance Friday evening and throughout the day and evening, Saturday.

Here's the lineup for Friday evening and for Saturday at the Scott Joplin Festival:

Events highlighted in red require tickets

F r i d a y,  J u n e  2

4-6pm  Maple Leaf Tea Dance - Cakewalk Hall at the Fox Theater Event Center on East 5th.
5:30-7pm  First Friday Refreshments & Presentation - Katy Depot – 600 East Third

Pleasant Moments - Liberty Center – 111 West Fifth     
Ragtime was Just the Beginning – Here are the Popular Musical Forms that Followed
After Hours  Following last concert until ??? - Best Western – S Highway 65
S a t u r d a y,   J u n e  3
9am-4pm  Sedalia in the Ragtime Era An Exhibit - Katy Depot - 600 East Third
Queen of the Prairies Art Festival – 2nd & Ohio

9am  Symposia by Scott Kirby - Liberty Center
Main Street Souvenirs, a multi-media stage performance featuring live piano music, a spoken narrative, and a video presentation. ​

9-11am  Master Class

10am  Symposia by the Legends Panel - Liberty Center - 111 West Fifth
featuring Ed Berlin, David Reffkin, David Thomas Roberts

11am-2pm   Open Piano - Maple Leaf Park – East Main    
10am-5pm  John Stark Pavilion  - East Fifth
Various performers throughout the day

2pm  The Entertainer - Liberty Center – 111 West Fifth
Today’s Ragtime Stars Play Rags, Songs, and Styles that Define and Inspire Them

7pm  Legacy of Joplin  - Liberty Center  - 111 West Fifth
The King of Ragtime in All His Glory – A Celebration 100 Years in the Making
10pm  Ragtime Music Hall - Liberty Center – 111 West Fifth
We Say a Fond Farewell for 2017 with a No-Holds Barred Music Extravaganza!

After Hours  Following last concert – until ????- Best Western – S Highway 65


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