I don't know about you, but ever since I was a kid, I've had memories of Mighty Melt in Sedalia. 

I remember many a Friday evening when my Dad would come home from a long day either at Pepsi or delivering bread for Butternut or even working for Burkholder's, and if it was a good day, the family would share a couple of boxes of Mighty Melt sandwiches.

I remember having to pick out the mushrooms, but, hey, that's a kid for ya.  I remember going by a lot in the eighties with my Grandmother.  She would always want her spud with sour cream and salt, and have the rest of the goodies on the side to put in bit by bit as she went.  I think the staff were just a little indulgent of her.

But then, that's the way they were for everybody, for years.  If you wanted something special on your sandwich or you wanted a little add on for your soup, you got it.  As long as it wasn't like, Beluga Caviar, you were set.  It was fun to see them add items and try new things.

I even almost worked there for a minute. I applied one summer in the nineties, but...well. Let's just say I didn't cut the mustard (pun intended? Not sure).  It was probably for the best.  They had better options to choose from when it came to candidates.

So it was sad to me to see that Sedalia staple like Mighty Melt had to close their doors.  Here's what the official statement said:

Due to the challenging business environment of staffing difficulties, lack of product availability, and inflated costs of goods and services, Might Melt Sandwich and Spud Shop has made the heartbreak, difficult decision to permanently close our doors.  It has been a joy and an honor to serve our loyal customers over the last 37 years, and our only regret is no longer being able to serve and interact with you all every day.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for allowing us to cater to your families and businesses, and thank you for supporting us in our endeavor.


How sad, right? I mean, I know I'll be missing a classic Mighty Melt spud on a cold winter afternoon.  But you know what, like they said, I'll be thankful for the memories.  I'll remember laughing so hard at one of the little tables that some of the cheddar soup came out of my nose and I only regretted it a smigen.  I'll remember the good times, the good food, and most of all, the sweet people. That's really what's important, isn't it?  The memories.  The warm feeling you got when you pulled in the parking lot and the full feeling when you pulled out.

Thank you Mighty Melt, and thank you, Sheila.  You did a great job, and you just got a bad hand dealt to you these past few years.  If any place could have made it out of the pandemic, you'd hope it would be a local place like this.  But, I understand and I don't hold any negativity towards it.  You had to do what was best for you and your staff and your legacy.  I wish everyone there best of luck in the future.

I am gonna miss that bread, though. One of a kind.

Mightily yours,

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