How do you think it would go over if a roller derby team was in Sedalia. Would you watch it? Would you sign up for the team?

I remember the day of roller derby on TV. It was one of my favorite things to watch growing up in the 60's and 70's. You had the great skaters in roller derby history. Remember red shirt villains and home town white shirt favorites? Remember the Los Angeles Thunderbirds and the Bay Bombers? It was television that help to poularize the sport with sell-out crowds at arenas across the country.

I'm just wondering if Sedalia was to host a team, would John Q. Public show up for a day or night of skating competition?

There's plenty of action. I have a cousin that skated on a team in Emporia, KS. She loved it but she said she definitely came out of the practices and events banged up and brusied.

Closer to home Springfield, Missouri has two teams-the All Stars, the charter team of Springfield Roller Derby, and the Battle Broads. They're the Springfield Roller Derby’s B-team, comprised of skaters who are growing their skills.

So what do you think...roller derby in Sedalia?

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