Were you a Happy Meal kid? Did you grow up on the burger, fries, drink and a toy? Or did you enjoy the meals after parents got guilt tripped into making you eat healthier so you got the nuggets with the apple slices, milk and a toy? Either way I bet you remember the toy you got with the meal.

McDonald's Happy Meal is turning 40 this year, which means I was about 7 when they came out. So the kids meal wasn't something I was getting all that often. However, I think I remember getting the happy meal in a flying saucer package back in 1982. I also vaguely remember getting a Happy Meal with a Hot Wheels car in it. Although, my Aunt Grace might have just bought me the car and it had nothing to do with McDonald's or a Happy meal.

The restaurant is celebrating their iconic Happy Meal toys by re-releasing some of the classics including the Ty Beanie Babies’ Patti the Platypus and the Tamagotchi. This according to a report from KFOR. The classic toys will be available in a "Surprise Happy Meal" available from November 7 through November 11.

My wife Kathy and I don't get Happy Meals all that often. Maybe if we're kind of snacky, and want a little something, but not really a meal, but we still want some fries and a beverage. But not usually. I suspect though we might just have to order one to see what classic toy we'd get. I suspect many of us who have fond memories of the Happy Meal will be doing the same.

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