So with the nice weather we had on Thursday I decided to take care of some more leaves. I knew we probably wouldn't see temperatures in the mid/upper 60's for a while. (but again this is Missouri!)

I first had to dump about nine bags that I had taken care of earlier in the week. So I ventured to the drop-off site on South Ingram. About six to seven other folks seemed to have the same idea as me as they were dropping off their leaves and/or brush.

I got back to the house and started on the remaining fallen soldiers of the tree. (Leaves...stay with me) So as I'm getting the leaves and putting them into bags I pick up that familiar odor that seems to emanate from the yard from time to time. It's definitely one I don't like.

We have about 5-6 cats that prowl around the neighborhood and for some reason, our yard is the one that they take a dump. It's pretty bad in the summertime. My wife jumps on the John Deere riding mower to take care of the grass and she usually winds up with the rear tires loaded with the cat poo. Great smell when you park it in the garage!

Well, we know it's no longer summer but that doesn't keep the cats from doing their business on our property. I go through the process of raking leaves and putting them into my trash bag lined garbage can. After I get all the leaves raked and bagged I count 11 bags. And of course through the course of all that bagging, no telling how many times I've stepped on the cat bombs.

To make matters worse after I get all the bags loaded into the back of our pickup, I go inside for supper. I'm sitting on our recliner when I look down and I have more cat stuff on the bottom of my shoe. Now here's the kicker...this is a different pair of shoes. These aren't the ones I wore while raking. I didn't even go out in the yard with these shoes, so how did I get it on these?

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder how some things happen in life!

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