The Sedalia Park Art as Recreation Committee (SPARC) announced the premier art show at the new Heckart Community Center. The 3-D show features the work of local artist Josh Heimsoth.

Heimsoth has been an art teacher at Smith-Cotton High School since 2006 and has a Master's degree in Fine Arts. Heimsoth was chosen by SPARC because his work appeals to a wide audience and causes the viewer to really think about the piece. "I enjoy working with clay, steel, and wood. I like to make sculpture that has an industrial feel to it, like it came out of some old factory from WWII.

"I am inspired by everything from old pulp comics to machinery from the industrial revolution to sci-fi of the 60's and 70's. My goal is make something that looks convincingly functional to the viewer even if that function seems to be a mystery," said Heimsoth. His show will be open at the Heckart through September 2022. He has exhibited all over the country and is excited to be the first show at the new community center. "I want my viewers engaged in my pieces and asking how they were made, what they were made out of and what do they do."

"Art shows at the Heckart Community Center will rotate every six months," said Terri Ballard, SPARC chair. The art shows are part of the mission of the committee to enhance the quality of life through art and nature of those visiting Sedalia’s Parks. "We are also responsible for ensuring there is public art in every park. This year we will place benches in Hubbard Park which were commissioned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the park. The pieces are created by local artist, Alan Weaver and features a series of park benches, which are musically themed.

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"We will also place a piece at the Heckart this summer by Missouri artist, Nathan Pierce. The piece will flow well with the architecture of the building. We will also plan community art classes in the future. We're a busy committee, we're all dedicated to enhancing the lives of Sedalians and visitors through art," stated Ballard.

Josh Heimsoth's works can currently be viewed at the Heckart Community Center, 1800 West 3rd, during open hours.  The artwork is located in the hallway that leads to the community rooms.

The committee is happy to have this new space to feature artwork. "We're grateful to Sue Heckart and Amy Epple for this wonderful space where art will be available to all who enter the building," Ballard said in a press release.

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