How often do you order pizza, eat a few slices out of the box and then store the rest away in the refrigerator in a container other than the pizza box? Well, after the cleanup, what do you do with the pizza box?

It's cardboard, right? So it should be recycled. But wait...there's grease on the cardboard. Does that mean you have to throw it in the trash or does it still go in the recycle bin? Hmmm...what to do, what to do.

First off, we have to consider the other dilemma that we are experiencing. With COVID-19 we were told by the City of Sedalia that recycling would be suspended. At least that's what I remember, and as far as I know the city isn't back to making two different runs-one for trash and one for recycling. If I'm wrong, I apologize.

Now back to the pizza box. If there's cardboard-soaked grease in the pizza box, there's an easy solution. Cut out the greasy part and throw it in the trash and then take the rest of the box and recycle it.

Now one thing I do know is the City of Sedalia has the drop-off site on South Ingram. I know this because I've taken many items there before. One of "those things" that you can drop off is cardboard. They have a bin/dumpster designated for it, along with other bins/dumpsters for other recyclable items.

So next time you order pizza, dispose of the box accordingly and help save the planet!

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