As part of the remodeling celebration of the Boonville Pilot Travel Center on Friday, September 30, Pilot Travel Center is donating $20,000 to the Boonville Region-1 School District. Buried in the celebration announcement is something you may have missed, 10-cent savings on gasoline through the end of October at all Pilot Travel Centers.

Now, this doesn't have so much to do with the remodel celebration at the store. It's a national promotion the travel center is running through October. If you're a member of their my Rewards Plus program you can get 10 cents off every gallon of gas.  That's not a lot of money each time you fill up, but it could be 10 bucks to 20 bucks over the course of the next month or so depending on what type of vehicle you're filling up and how much you drive.

With gas prices what they are right now, it's definitely an attractive offer if you don't have to go out of the way to use it. Of course, terms and conditions apply, and it may or may not be an attractive offer depending on the hassles that come with gassing up at a truck stop off the highway.

I'm personally not a big fan of travel centers that cater to professional drivers, more often than not stopping at these places makes me feel a little anxious. I think it's all the activity. All the trucks. It just comes off a little overwhelming to me. Yet, I do appreciate the money that a truck stop generates for the local community. Plus, supporting local education is a definite cool thing to do in my book, and I am all about gas discounts.

As for the remodeled travel center, Pilot says they've done a lot. Including remodeled restrooms, putting in a new kitchen, a new deli, offering new grab-and-go options for food items, along with nore beverage choices, a remodeled Wendy's restaurant, a new breakroom for employees, and added four self-check-outs at the travel center.

Allison Cornish, VP of Store Modernization at Pilot Company said in a release, “Our team worked hard to make these renovations happen quickly, and we’re looking forward to celebrating them as they continue to serve the Boonville community and everyday travelers.”

Pilot is holding a remodeling celebration at the Booneville travel center on Friday, September 30 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM CDT. The Monster Energy Girls will be there handing out Pilot and Monster Energy SWAG and Pilot Travel Centers will present the Booneville school district with their donation.

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