This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.

Sunday evening, Deputies were dispatched to Brandon Road and County Line Road in Pettis County for a report of an abandoned truck in the wood line with no one around the vehicle.

Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with the reporting party at the intersection of Brandon Road and County Line Road.

The reporting party said that he was on his way home and noticed the white truck parked about 150 feet off the roadway in the wood line or power line easement. The reporting party said he approached the truck, and said there was no one in or around the truck.

Deputies walked to the truck and passed the truck's current license plate through Dispatch. Dispatch advised the plate came back to a GMC truck, and not the Dodge, as it was currently displayed.

Deputies passed the VIN through Dispatch, and was advised the truck was listed as stolen from Sedalia on October 28th. The truck had been stolen from Sedalia Automotive, 2101 South Limit Avenue. InMotion Towing was contacted, and they arrived on scene and took control of the vehicle.

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