Pettis County voters went to the polls and had higher than expected turnout. Pettis County Clerk Nick LaStrada said he was expecting 6-8% turnout, and 10.34% went to the polls.

The Sedalia Public Library Tax proposal passed with 637 votes supporting the proposal and 402 votes against it. This proposal will increase taxes by 7 cents and will sunset in 25 years to be used for building repairs, renovations and maintenance over the current 25 cent tax for the Sedalia Public Library.

There will be a new city councilman, since challenger Larry Stevenson defeated incumbent Ken Norton 254 votes to 237.

Les Harrell won the Pettis County Ambulance District 4 182 votes to Bill Griffith's 88.

The Lamonte R-6 School Proposition K.I.D.S passed, 186 supporting and 37 opposing.

The Smithton School District had Jason Brown with 136 votes, Becky Williams with 117 votes, Eric Homan with 95 and Sabrina Hanger had 52.

The Green Ridge School District had 99 votes for Stacy Morton and Mark Haverly and 86 for Jason Cannon.

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