Since Husbando is trying some new health regimes, I've been helping. I scoured the internet!

I have found some  strange but apparently TRUE random health tips for you . . .


1.  This one you don't have any control over, but supposedly people whose initials spell out positive stuff like J.O.Y. or W.O.W., live four and a half years longer than people with neutral initials.   If your initials spell out A.S.S. or D.U.D. . . . then you could die three years sooner.

2.  Use the first stall.  Experts checked it out, and the first stall in public restrooms has the lowest amount of bacteria.

3.  Break a fever with an ice pack near your arm or groin.  If you need to bring down a fever over 102 degrees FAST, then put an ice pack under your arm or near your groin.  It's uncomfortable, but it lowers your body's core temperature.

4.  Stop using antibacterial soap.  According to doctors, it's helping germs get stronger.  Just wash your hands really well with regular soap.

5.  Straighten your spine in the car.  The right way to drive is with your shoulders back and your spine curved.  To get in this position, you're supposed to pretend that someone poured ice down your back.  Now stay that way.

6.  Use pepper and honey for wounds.  If you cut yourself, first clean the wound, then sprinkle pepper on it and apply pressure.  This will stop the bleeding.  And use honey as a disinfectant.  Studies show that it kills germs.

7.  Shave your mustache to cure allergies.  Or just wash it a lot.  One study showed that pollen and other irritants get stuck there.

8.  Get a dog.   All kinds of studies have proven that having a pet alleviates stress.

9.  Flush your problems down the toilet.  You're supposed to write your problems on little pieces of paper.  Then flush them away.  Supposedly, it feels GREAT.

Do you think any of these might work? Are you going to try them? What would you add to the list?

Healthily yours,