Well now that we are into the month of October, perhaps it is time to be thinking about getting a pumpkin for your kids to carve.  If you kids aren't into carving a pumpkin, perhaps you just want a place you can take your kids where they can have some outdoor fun, before it gets too cold, you can get a pumpkin, and kill 2 birds with one stone.  I think I have a suggestion for you in Sedalia, that your young kids will enjoy and it won't cost you too much.  Let me tell you about Big Bear Pumpkin Patch.

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This little pumpkin patch is located at 20825 Eckles Rd, Sedalia and this is the 2nd year they are open.  It was only about a 10-15 minute drive from our radio station.  They will be open every weekend until Halloween.  You can see by the picture above where they get their name.

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There a lots of cool places in Big Bear where you can get your picture taken, but there are so many other features about this place.  It is certainly geared more for kids, but parents can find a few things to do as well.  There is a corn maze, that isn't too difficult, there are snacks and beverages available.  You can take a short little hayride where cattle will come up pretty close to you and you can feed them.  And yes, you can choose from several pumpkin options for your Halloween.  By the way, if you want to know what to do with your pumpkins after Halloween is over, you can read my article from last year HERE.

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Along with various places to take a photo, there are several things that will keep your kids occupied.  You can check out the gallery at the end of this article to see some of the options for you.  The cost is only $8 (kids 2 and under are free), and when my girlfriend and I went, we were there for about an hour or so.  Please bring cash as they do not take plastic.  You can follow them on Facebook HERE.  They are open from 11-5pm Saturdays and Sundays.  Your kids will love it.  We had a nice relaxing time, and I think you will too.

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Big Bear Pumpkin Patch 2022

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