The Missouri State Fair has a lot of free parking for fairgoers. However, there are three paid lots around the Fairgrounds that are very convenient and support community organizations.

The first parking lot is inside the Missouri State Fairgrounds, close to the Centennial Gate. This parking lot is hosted by the State Fair Lions Club. Peggy Stokes of the State Fair Lions Club said, “It's been going pretty well. We've had slow days, but it should pick up. We enjoy having this lot and meeting the people who come to the Fair.” One of the advantages of this lot is that it's close to the Centennial Gate and you shouldn't have any problems finding your vehicle. There are over 240 parking spots to use for $5. The money raised during the Missouri State Fair goes toward projects such as glasses for the needy, vision tests and hearing aids. If you drive straight through the Centennial Gate or the State Fair Entrance on 16th Street, just follow the “Park Close” signs to find the State Fair Lions Club.

Boy Scout Troop 61 Parking

The Boy Scout Troop 61 runs another paid parking lot that is behind and along the front side of the Kmart. Calvin Belsha of the Boy Scouts said, “People park here to have easy access, and the Highway Patrolman will escort you across the street to the entrance.” There are over 30 parking spots available off 16th Street and are $2 minimum donation. The Boys Scouts use the donations to ensure fun activities for the scouts like the Boy Scout camp stay affordable.

The third paid parking lot is located off Clarendon Road where State Fair Community College is located at. The State Fair Community College Clubs and organizations run this parking lot. Jim Page talked about the advantages of parking at State Fair Community College. “People get close to the Fair, we have a lot of vendors who park here that work at the Mathewson,” he said. This parking lot is paved and you can park here for $2. State Fair Community College uses the money raised for events, such as the History Club's Veterans Dinner, taking trips to historical sites and other good purposes.

So if you find yourself going from gate to gate looking to park, consider these parking lots, and if you just want easy access in and out of the fair, these parking lots definitely have advantages. This will especially come in handy for Friday, Saturday and Sunday night when traffic is a lot higher.