Say what you want about Missouri, but it's easier to make a dollar go farther in this state than just about any other. Need proof? In a ranking of the most affordable big cities in America, it was revealed that two at the top are in the Show Me State.

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The topic was brought up by 24/7 Wall St that the perception is it takes a lot of money to make your life happen in a big city. Perception isn't always reality though. Two Missouri metros prove that point. Get this. They ranked the top 6 most affordable big cities in America and 2 are in Missouri. I'll play the role of Captain Obvious and reveal that both Kansas City and St. Louis are the metros they're praising.

What makes Kansas City and St. Louis affordable?

It's simple science and math involving average rent cost. For Kansas City, I'm surprised that the hometown of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce averages a rental cost of just $1150 per month. For St. Louis, it's just slightly higher at $1170 per month.

That's still a lot of money for many, but I can tell you that when my family lived in the western part of America, our monthly rent was easily the same amount for a relatively tiny house that was probably half the size of what you'll currently find in St. Louis or Kansas City.

Big city living isn't for everyone and definitely not my preference. But, it's a positive for Missouri that its two main metros are among the cheapest to survive in.

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