In some way, we all depend on agriculture. Many work the fields and we all benefit from the food it provides. That's why we all should be concerned that there is a tick that is dangerous to agriculture (and humans, too) that has been found in a Missouri county for the first time ever.

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The University of Missouri Extension Service just released a bulletin alerting everyone that the dreaded longhorned tick has been found in Boone County, Missouri for the first time ever. The say this tick "has already caused the loss of millions of dollars in agricultural revenue to livestock producers worldwide, indicates a potential looming problem for cattle health in mid-Missouri".

KCUR is reporting that not only is the longhorned tick in Boone County, but it's now spreading to other parts of Missouri.

This nasty tick is also known to carry bacteria that can pass Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever on to humans. The Centers for Disease Control notes that this disease can be fatal for vulnerable individuals.

The longhorned tick is hard to stop the spread of as the females lay eggs and can reproduce without a mate. That doesn't even seem fair to me.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that if you believe you've been in contact with a longhorned tick to try and preserve it in a zip-lock bag and contact your local health department.

Let's hope the spread of the longhorned tick in Missouri stops in Boone County although the expectation is that will not be the case. Be warned.

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