You know that you've seen tons of deer all over the roads here in Pettis County. And for me, I've been lucky, I haven't come close to hitting one at all for like, years.  But I know some of you aren't that lucky.

Of course, there are many people who are out there TRYING to get a deer via traditional hunting methods who would probably be happy to see that deer.

So what happens if you end up hitting a deer with your car- what are you supposed to do?  Can you take it? Can you make deer jerky out of it or something? Turns out, yes, you can.  It might not be ideal, and it might not yield much, but you can.  What do you have to do? You have to get a Wildlife Dispensation Permit from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

So basically, you hit a deer.  You make the call on whether or not you think it would be worth taking, or if maybe you want to mount it or whatever, and then you call the Conservation Department.  They will issue you a permit, which is free, and there you have it. Deer city.

It might sound a little gross, or maybe make you a bit squeamish, but hey - at least you know the option is there.  You might not WANT to take that option, but you have it.  And isn't that the whole point, getting knowledge and learning stuff?  Right.

Personally, I'll just try to keep avoiding them, myself.

Deeringly yours,


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