So it is hunting season in Missouri.  Since I have been back in the Show Me State, I have not seen any live deer yet, but I certainly have seen my fair share in the years I lived her previously.  When I was living in Mexico, I almost had a run-in with a large buck that came bounding out from the golf course and I almost hit him.  He went thundering down the streets.  Guess I was lucky I didn't hit him, my car would have been totalled.

Well congratulations are in order for Missouri hunter Samuel Perotti.  He shot a 16 point buck.  Good size.  But he got a bit of a surprise when all was said and done.  Samuel had seen this big antlered deer in his camera, and got his shot and he did not miss.  The surprise was the fact that this was not a buck at all, but in fact, a doe.  And a rare one.

The Missouri Department of Conservation was contacted by Samuel as this doe was shot on his property.  Monroe County agent Jessica Filla was called to the scene and confirmed it was an antlered doe.  She called it a "unique harvest".

How rare is it to see an antlered doe?  Antlers grow on does once in about every 5,000 female deer, according to National Deer Association. It is rare, and according to the NDA, it is usually due to elevated testosterone in the doe.  They can still reproduce.  So congrats again to Samuel.  And here is the picture of his "unique harvest" below.


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