Earlier in September the Centers for Disease Control warned people to stop kissing, snuggling and sharing their homes with chickens because the birds can spread salmonella. Now the CDC is warning hunters about the risk of contracting Tuberculosis from deer. This recording to a report from KCTV 5.

A hunter in Michigan tested positive for TB back in 2017. He had been hunting deer in the same area where two other Michigan hunters tested positive for the disease fifteen years prior.

According to the CDC the hunter likely inhaled contagious pathogens of bovine tuberculosis while removing the dead deer's infected organs.

The good news, bovine TB is rather rare, less than 2% of TB cases are due to to bovine TB. Most people who get it, get from eating or drinking unpasteurized dairy products. Sometimes, however, it's transmitted by direct contact with an open wound while hunting or slaughtering an infected animal.

Just something to keep in mind as we head into Missouri's deer hunting season.

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